Growing Conditions for Bamboo


Bamboo, the fastest-growing plant in the world, has become increasingly common in home gardens, in part because it is so easy to grow. There are about 1,000 species of bamboo, many native to East Asia, but it can be grown just about anywhere as long as the proper conditions are met. In addition to being ornamental, they are becoming popular as a flooring material in the West. In the East it is used as both a food source, famously for giant pandas, and a common building material.


Bamboo grows best in full sun or partial shade, but some varieties do best with shade during the hottest part of the day.


Bamboo should be kept moist, and newly planted bamboo will need a healthy watering. Be sure to prevent standing water around the plants. Underwatering is a common problem gardeners experience when growing bamboo.


Bamboo plants prefer a slightly acidic soil of about 6. Soil also needs to be well-drained.


A nitrogen-rich fertilizer works best with bamboo. You can fertilize monthly to promote growth.

Growing Indoors

Bamboo is considered easy to grow inside provided the right conditions are met. Be sure to place the pot in a sunny spot and water it enough to keep the plant moist. If the leaves begin to curl it is a sign it needs more water.

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