How to Build a Grow Chamber


With an indoor growing chamber, it is possible to grow a variety of delicious herbs and vegetables all year long. Each plant requires specific environmental conditions in order to grow properly; the goal of a grow chamber is to recreate these conditions indoors, so the best way to determine the ideal indoor growing environment for is to read the seed package and recreate the appropriate growing zone. Choose a small variety of plants that are in the same growing zones, or better yet: grow just one variety at a time.

Step 1

Paint the walls and ceiling of the grow room flat white. This will maximize the light by reflecting it onto many parts of the plants.

Step 2

Mount the thermometer in a place which will remain visible once plants have grown.

Step 3

Install the power strip and mount it in an area which will remain clean and dry. Plug in both timers. Do not turn the power strip on until installation is complete.

Step 4

Install small exhaust fan in ceiling using the Jig Saw. Plug this into the power strip. Set it to run for fifteen minutes every hour for starters, and adjust once the plants are established in order to maintain optimal temperature. It is preferable to place this chamber in large space, to allow for plenty of air flow.

Step 5

Hang Fluorescent strip lighting as indicated by the manufacturer. Set the timer for eighteen hours of light a day. Note: it is best to supplement with natural light.

Step 6

Place potted plants into the grow chamber with the light approximately six inches above the tops of the plants. Place them closer together than what is specified on the seed package, as they will receive a lot of light and do not need as much room as outdoor plants.

Things You'll Need

  • Flat White Paint
  • 2 Timers
  • Small exhaust fan
  • Small oscillating fan
  • 48 inch Fluorescent Light Fixture
  • Power Drill, Bit and Jig Saw
  • Power strip
  • Thermometer


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