How to Make a Shed Into a Greenhouse


Having a greenhouse in your yard to grow fruits and vegetables can be expensive. A greenhouse is a simple structure identical to a shed except for the outside covering. Greenhouses use glazing, a material that lets the maximum amount of light in while protecting the interior of the building from bad weather, allowing you to control the climate inside. However, if you have a shed, you can convert it into a greenhouse. Measure your shed in length and height on the east, south and west side and multiply the total length by the height to calculate the surface of the three walls. Measure the roof surface the same way. The north side will retain the siding and roofing, so do not include them in your calculations. Go to your greenhouse supply store or online to buy your glazing.

Step 1

Take off the siding of the shed on the east, south and west side and take the roof off the south side up to the studs. Clean the studs of any remaining nails or staples. If you are in a hot climate, install a small vent on one of the sides. Nail or screw it between two studs.

Step 2

Install the glazing you chose according to the manufacturer's instruction. Make sure the shed does not have any leaks where two sections join. Use caulk or foam to seal any leaks you find.

Step 3

Replace any electric hardware with moisture-resistant hardware to avoid short circuits. If the shed uses pressure treated wood, Shane Smith--author of Greenhouse Gardener's Companion--recommends painting all the studs with non-toxic latex paint.

Tips and Warnings

  • You will need to be careful, however, as you will have to take part of the roof off and do some electric work if your shed has electricity.

Things You'll Need

  • Glazing
  • Caulking
  • Vent
  • Reciprocal saw


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