What Is Red Clover Good For?

What Is Red Clover Good For? image by sxc.hu/Ayla87/Christa Richert
What Is Red Clover Good For? image by sxc.hu/Ayla87/Christa Richert


The tiny flowers of the red clover plant release a sweet nectar when you pick them. Sipping this nectar or chewing the blossom are familiar acts to children raised in the country. Red clover thrives in pastures and is happily grazed upon by cattle. The nutritional and health benefits of red clover make it desirable for human use as well.


Red clover is a perennial plant that grows wild in Europe, Asia and the Americas. The flower is red but can also be shades of pink and purple. Red clover is also known as cow clover or meadow clover and is part of the legume family.

Nutritional Uses

Red clover has been used for grazing cattle for hundreds of years because of its high nutritional value. It has a sweet taste and is used in the production of honey as well as being dried for teas. The flowers can be eaten or used to flavor drinks. The greens are tough to digest although highly nutritious.

Medicinal Uses

Red clover has traditionally been used as an herbal remedy for respiratory problems such as whooping cough, congestion and coughs. It has also been used to treat cancer, menstrual symptoms and menopausal symptoms. Skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and rashes have all been treated with red clover. Scientific proof of the efficacy of red clover for these conditions has not been established at this time.


Red clover can be purchased dried for use as tea. Supplements can also be purchased as tablets, capsules or liquid extracts.


In general, red clover is considered to be a very safe herbal remedy. However, just like with any herbal remedy or supplement, there may be reactions with medications. You should seek the advice of a doctor or specialist before taking red clover if you are also taking any prescribed medications or if you have any health concerns. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should not take red clover.

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