Types of Pumpkin Seeds


Many varieties of pumpkin seeds are available today that produce an array of pumpkins, including miniature, ornate, oversized, prize-winning and pumpkins produced strictly for canning.


While the origin of the pumpkin seed is unclear, evidence of the first varieties was found in Mexico that dated back to 5500 B.C.


Seeds producing the large pumpkins generally used for carving and the sweet meaty varieties used for pies and canning are most prominent in the United States and Mexico. Seeds that produce more unique and ornate varieties of pumpkins such as those with a blue skin are grown throughout the world in places such as Brazil, France, Nigeria and India.


Pumpkin seeds serve as a food source in two ways: as pumpkins they produce and roasted seeds.


Pumpkin seeds are available in four main types, the most popular being Cucurbita Pepo as this variety includes the seeds for the pumpkins used in pies and jack-o-lanterns. Seeds that produce giant pumpkins are Cucurbita Maxima. Pumpkins that are unique in size, shape and color often come from Cucurbita Mixta. An ideal pumpkin for canning comes from Cucurbita Moschata seeds.


The size, shape and color of pumpkin seeds varies depending on the type. Seeds can be small and pale in color or large and almost red in tint.


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