What to Plant Around a Flagpole


Flag poles can add a sense of heritage and beauty to any yard. To make your flag pole really stand out, add a garden to the base of it. By adding a garden, you're also adding color to your yard. Choose from thousands of plants--from perennials to annuals to shrubs such as roses.


If your flag pole has a concrete base, create a garden by mapping out an area 1 to 2 feet in circumference around the flag pole. One low-maintenance idea for what to plant is ground cover, since most are perennials and will survive a cold winter. Ground cover also can grow over the unsightly concrete base of your pole. If your pole is in shade, consider periwinkle, Creeping Jenny, wintergreen or English ivy. If in sun, consider red apple, day lilies, ice plant or Lily of the Valley.


Annuals need replacing every year if they are not allowed to reseed themselves. However, annuals add instant color and beauty to your flag pole garden, and you can mix and match them. They also typically don't grow into each other, so you will always have separate patches of color. Bulbs are a traditional and colorful option. Other popular flowers are petunias, snapdragons, sunflowers, morning glory, begonia, spider flower, California poppy, impatiens, marigold and chrysanthemum.


Highlight your flag pole garden and add a measure of safety by using lights and a border around your flag pole garden. Surround your garden with a low fence or rocks, making sure the border is not completely closed, because you need a path that leads to the flag pole ropes. Also consider adding solar lights. Some low-level solar lights add ambiance and save energy.

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