Large Backyard Ideas


A large backyard provides many opportunities for landscaping. Some of the options include building a dry river bed, a swimming pool or an outdoor living area. Follow the natural contours of your property and create functional focal points for your family's entertainment and relaxation.

Dry River Bed

Create a meandering river bed in a large backyard with a natural slope for a beautiful addition to your landscape. Building a river bed is not complicated, but it is labor intensive. You must first excavate and dig a trench along a designated path in your backyard before you cover it with pond liner and fill it in with large rocks or boulders. When it rains, your dry river bed will have flowing water.

Garden Pond

Build a garden pond to attract a separate eco-system to your property. Ponds are havens for wildlife and insects like frogs and dragonflies, in addition to being an attractive feature for your large backyard. Include a small waterfall flowing into the pond, and add aquatic plants like water lilies for vibrant color. You can landscape around the pond with flowering perennials and ornamental trees for a backyard oasis that's irresistible.

Swimming Pool

A swimming pool is a popular landscaping choice for a large backyard area. Create decking around the pool with slate tile or another natural stone for an entertainment area that's functional and beautiful. Add a cabana to one side and place lounge chairs and umbrella-covered tables around the perimeter. For added design interest, include a natural stone waterfall flowing into the pool on one end, surrounded by flowering plants.


You can break up the expanse of a large backyard with a fountain placed in the center of your landscape. Create a patio with cobblestone pavers and place a large tiered or mosaic fountain in the center for impact. You could add a few tables around the perimeter and include solar landscape lighting for nighttime enjoyment.

Outdoor Living

Take advantage of your large backyard with an outdoor living space that includes a kitchen and grill area, a place for dining and a fireplace with outdoor sofas and chairs. You can cover the kitchen area with a roof for convenience and add a pergola-type structure over the living area for a little shade. Build a stacked stone fireplace or bring in a free-standing fireplace as a border for your outdoor living room. You can also build a simple fire pit with fire crystals for a contemporary design. Make sure the fabrics for your furniture are rated for outdoor use so they will better withstand the elements.

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