Front Yard Ideas

Your front yard creates people's first impression of your home and determines your "curb appeal." Curb appeal means how attractive and inviting your home appears to someone standing on the sidewalk. High curb appeal is vital if you plan to sell your home, but it also provides a beautiful area to walk in and out of every day if you plan to keep your home. Attractive landscaping in the front yard can turn a plain house into a cute cottage or a simple house into a fancy hideaway.

Entrance Decorations

Decorations on each side of your yard, porch or house entrance help make the pathways stand out from the rest of the landscape. A medium rosebush on each side of the yard entrance and a large rosebush on each side of the front door add a romantic accent to a plain yard. A rose-covered white wood arbor over each entrance creates a fancy accent. Large, colorful, glazed outdoor plant pots on each side of a porch entrance add an artistic flare to a front yard landscape. Light brown and cobalt blue swirled pots with a hearty bush or assorted wildflowers provide a splash of color. Small plant pots in similar colors around the porch create a flowing line.

Centerpiece Island

A centerpiece island is an outdoor decoration in the middle of your yard. The centerpiece adds interesting colors, shapes and textures to a large, plain yard. The decoration can consist of plants, flowers, trees, rocks, fountains and just about anything else. For example, you can create a rock-lined, kidney-shaped flower garden as an earthy front yard centerpiece. Add one or two small trees and a small bush, and fill the remaining flowerbed with assorted daisies for a casual decoration. Construct a waterfall centerpiece island in the middle of your front yard for a fancy decoration. A simple, two-tiered white stone waterfall fountain creates a crisp decoration that sparkles in the sunlight. A stone-lined pond with a stone pyramid waterfall projecting from the middle provides an earthy style and can easily become a Koi fishpond.

Driveway Decoration

Frame a dull driveway with shrubs, flowers, rocks and/or trees to add an attractive and inviting style. Thin, wood-trimmed rectangular flowerbeds filled with assorted pansies create a simple decoration. Thick, curved lava rock-edged flowerbeds with large rocks, small rocks, sagebrush and small cacti provide an earthy decoration particularly good for desert areas. Go all out with fountains, flowers and a fence on the sides of your driveway to create a sophisticated style. Small, carved stone bowl fountains at the front and back on each side of the driveway provide a fancy start to your landscape. Small square stones in an alternating tall and short pattern form a castle turret-style trim around the flowerbeds. The remaining flowerbed overflows with tulips and small bushes for a rich array of color.

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