How Can I Bring My Indoor Plants Back to Life?

Even with the best of care, indoor plants may start to look droopy and lifeless. There are many possible causes. The key to bringing your houseplants back to life is to determine what is causing them to droop and give them the care or conditions they need to recover. You may have to do this by trial and error until you get good results.

Move the Plant to a Better Location

The plant may need to be moved because it needs more sun or because it is too hot or too cold. Seasons bring a change of sunlight patterns. The plant's once sunny domain may now be shadowed and gloomy if there was a recent season change. Relocate the plant to a place where it will receive plenty of light. The site where the plant has been may have also developed a draft, chilling the plant. On the other hand, if you have turned your heat on recently, make sure the plant is not in the direct line of a heat duct. Plants will wither when they get too hot or too cold.

Give Your Plants a Bath

Perhaps your plants are dried out or dusty and they need a warm bath. Set the plants in a bathtub with a shower enclosure. Shower them with lukewarm water until water runs out the bottom of each pot's drainage holes. Turn off the shower and let the plants sit so they absorb moisture from the room. Wipe the leaves of any large-leafed plant with a soft, wet cloth to remove excess dust. Plants need their leaves to be clean so they can breathe.

Give It a Bigger Pot

When a plant's roots no longer have room to grow in its pot, the plant will become rootbound. The plant will have to work too hard to survive in its cramped quarters and needs to be transplanted to a bigger pot. Before removing it, make sure the roots and dirt are thoroughly saturated. Gently ease the plant out of its pot and into a bigger container and add more potting soil. Choose a sunny location, give the plant a fresh drink of water and wait for it to bounce back.

Fertilize the Plant

The soil in the planter may have lost all of its nutrients. If it has been a long time since you have fed the plant a commercial fertilizer, the plant may be hungry. Give it all-purpose plant food in the amount of granules or food spikes the package recommends.

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