How to Propogate Swedish Ivy Houseplants


Swedish Ivy, the common name for plectranthus australia, is a common houseplant that is easily propogated. Since older plants tend to get rather unruly and tired looking, start a new one every year to replace the older ones as they get ready to retire.

Step 1

Take three cuttings from a Swedish Ivy plant by cutting sections from the end branches of the mother plant. The cutting should include at least five leaves and the cut should be made just above the remaining set of leaves to give you nice stems.

Step 2

Place these stems in the lukewarm water in a jar and place in a warm, sunny location for up to three weeks. Check for root growth every few days and add water as needed to keep the stems submersed in the water.

Step 3

Plant the cuttings in wet soil after they have developed at least 3/4" roots. Keep the soil moist for one week to allow the roots to grow freely. Swedish Ivy will grow in sun or shade, but must have a steady supply of water. Fertilize the plants once a year to insure a healthy, bright green plant.

Things You'll Need

  • Small jar with lukewarm water
  • Sterile plant pot
  • Sterile potting soil
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