The Different Types of House Plants

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There are many types of houseplants that can be grown successfully indoors. When choosing a houseplant, identify one of the following groups and choose those that fit your needs. Different areas of the house may be better for some houseplants than others. Here are the basic types of houseplants available.

Bright-Light Houseplants

Plants that need bright light to grow successfully need light sources such as filtered light and at times direct sunlight. Diffused sunlight in sunrooms are also great areas. These plants tolerate areas close to or right next to an open window. Examples include jade, English or Canary Island ivy, the weeping fig and the Indian rubber tree.

Medium-Light Houseplants

Houseplants with medium light requirements like areas that are light but not direct sunlight. Good placements for these types of plants are a few feet away from a large window, or a window with light curtains blocking direct sunlight, still allowing light to shine in. Examples of medium-light houseplants include the fern asparagus, spider plant, the prayer plant and the umbrella tree.

Low-Light Houseplants

Low-light houseplants like areas that are placed away from the windows or near a window, placed in the Northern exposed window areas. Low-light areas do not mean no light, as all plants require light to survive. Examples of low-light houseplants include the Boston fern, philodendrons, and the Golden Pothos.

Low-Maintenance Houseplants

Low-maintenance houseplants are useful for areas of the house that are not easily accessible such as balconies and up on tall shelves. Low-maintenance houseplants also come in handy for busy individuals who like the look of green without the trouble and upkeep. Examples of low-maintenance houseplants include succulents like the aloe vera, cactus plants, the cast-iron plant (Aspidistra elatior) and the snake plant.

Culinary Houseplants

Herbs can be grown indoors and used for culinary purposes. They generally do well in a kitchen window or in an open and sunny breakfast room. Examples of culinary houseplants include parsley, thyme, rosemary and basil.

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