Description of House Plants


Having house plants allows you to maintain an ever-green environment, even in cold winter months. They provide an atmosphere rich with life.

Aloe vera

The heavy and thick leaves of an Aloe vera plant, which look much like a cactus without the pricks, have a sap contained in many topical ointments, especially lotions and burn remedies. It is slow growing, but a great means of home remedy medicine.

Spider plant

The long leaves that grow from this grass-like plant are green with a white stripe down the middle. The Spider plant produces long arching stems that make it ideal as a hanging plant. Baby Spider plants grow on the ends of the stems, which can be re-potted to start a new plant at any time.

Bonsai tree

Bonsai trees are more than a plant; most consider them an artful hobby. These miniature trees require constant grooming and care. They take a lot of work to maintain, but those who are up for the challenge find it gratifying.


Also known as the Silver Dollar plant or Friendship Tree, the Jade is a succulent plant. The leaves are thick, fleshy and round and, in just the right environment, it produces small pink or white flowers. Left to grow, these plants can often become more like a small bush or tree.


Known as the Christmas plant, the Poinsettia has large flowers that are usually red, but sometimes pink or white. If you keep the plant around all year and it is healthy, you can even force the Poinsettia to bloom again the next year. However, the flowers will only bloom in the exact conditions that the plant needs, including placing the plant in total darkness for up to 14 hours a day during the fall months.


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