Why People Use Hydroponics


For successful and efficient growth, plants need the right environmental conditions. Hydroponics can be used to grow a wide variety plants in just about any climate at any location.

Water Conservation

Hydroponic systems that recycle the nutrient solution in a closed loop can grow a crop using much less water than is required for open-loop soil-based systems.

Grow Plants Anywhere

Hydroponic systems can operated in climate-controlled greenhouses, allowing production of crops that would otherwise not be viable in a particular season or geographic region, or where soil conditions are poor.

No Crop Rotations Required

Since there is no soil to become depleted of nutrients, the same crop can be grown repeatedly with no need for alternate plantings of different species.

Environmental Control

Indoor hydroponics (to include greenhouse operation) offers precise control of nutrient formulations, root aeration, light, humidity and temperature parameters, which is not possible with traditional outdoor, soil-based farming.

Higher Plant Density

Hydroponics, in comparison with soil-based methods, allows plants to be grown closer together for more production in a given area.

Hydroponics Is Fun

For people interested in a combination of gardening and technology, hydroponics is an enjoyable hobby that can be done in a small space.


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