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Having houseplants in the home can add atmosphere. House plants are available in a many varieties, some easy to care for while others take a little know-how. There are a few care skills that run across all house plant varieties, and performing them regularly will keep your plants health year-round.


Water your plants the appropriate amount. While some house plants die because of a lack of water, many plants are drowned by over watering. Keep the soil moist but not swampy. There should never be puddles of water in your pot. Wait to water the plant until the soil has begun to dry out. Keep your plants in pots that have drainage holes in them to drain excess water from the plant. Water your plants more often when it is spring and summer because these are the times when the plant is growing and active. If you are growing more difficult house plant varieties, check the pH of your tap water to ensure you are not poisoning your plant. Some plants such as ferns and orchids require a small amount of humidity to stay healthy. Spray the plants daily with a hand held spray bottle.

Changing Pots

Change the pot of your plant as the root system grows. Different house plant varieties will require you to change the pot at different times. When changing the pot, knock off as much soil from the plant as possible and replant it in fresh compost. Add a small amount of fertilizer to the new pot to ensure the plant has enough nutrients to make it through the transfer. A transfer to a new pot can stress out the plant, causing it to wither. Some plant might require a weekly liquid feed to keep healthy. Check your particular plant variety.

Cleaning and Pests

Clean your houseplants with cotton wool dipped in water or a lint-free towel to remove dust from the plant. Dust can stunt the plant's growth because of light not being able to reach the leaves. Cleaning your houseplants also prevents pests from taking over. If you see white fluff anywhere on the plant, you might have pests that feast on the sap of plants. Remove them by spraying your plant with a organic soap spray. You can wipe away bugs on the stems and leaves with cotton wool. If you see yellow speckling on your leaves, cut off the affected area and use a soapy mist to curb further attack.

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