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Indoor and outdoor gardening are very different. The types of plants and flowers, as well as the types of care each plant needs, varies greatly. It is important to know the differences when gardening and caring for indoor plants and flowers. An indoor plant is not only a pretty decoration but also very beneficial to the home.


Indoor plants need to be kept in a temperature-controlled room, away from drafty areas or areas of strong sunlight. While they certainly need sun, do not place them in a sunny window all day but rather move them after a few hours.


The plant's soil should be kept moist at all times; do not waterlog the plant. Draining is key, so ensure there are openings in the bottom of the plant's pot so excess water can drip out.


Indoor plants help clean the air in the house, taking in CO2 and releasing oxygen. A plant in each room is suggested.

Differences From Outdoor Plants

Outdoor plants are better-suited for the unpredictability of weather and change in temperature. Indoor plants need far less light and drier conditions than an outdoor plant.


An abundance of indoor plants and flowers are available. Some types include spider-plants, angel ivy, amaryllis flowers and miniature bonsai trees.


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