Pros & Cons of Hanging Plants


Many people opt to hang plants in their home or office as an alternative to putting them on a surface. There may not seem to be many factors to consider when buying them, but before deciding whether hanging plants are for you, it is best to know the pros and cons of having them before making a purchase.

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Pro: Space

Hanging plants allow you to have greenery in your home or office without taking up space on a surface. You can fit several plants in each room without the surface clutter.

Pro: Less Mess

Sometimes with a surface plant, the dirt and water can get all over because people knock it or a breeze is blowing. Because there is no contact with a hanging plant, it creates less mess.

Pro: Direct Sun

If a plant requires direct sunlight but there is no spot on a surface near a window, a hanging basket allows it to get the sunlight it needs. It can hang directly in front of the window, if necessary.

Con: Watering

When a plant is hanging high, it can be difficult to water. You may need to take it down or step on a chair in order to reach it.

Con: Hazard

If the hanging plant is low enough or someone is tall enough, people could hit their heads on it. Depending on the material of the basket, it can leave quite a mark.

Con: Pruning

A hanging plant is usually much larger than a surface one. Depending on the plant, you may have to take it down and prune it often to have it look neat.


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