Can You Grow Plants With Propane Lights?


Propane lights are lights that are fueled by propane gas. In order to grow plants using a propane light, the lightbulb or light source from the propane light must be a grow bulb. If the propane light does not have a grow bulb on it, you will not be able to grow plants under the propane light.

Types of Propane Lights

Check the type of propane-powered light. Is it a propane torch light, emitting light from a flame or a torch, or is it a light that has an actual bulb? If it is a torch light, the flame that comes from a propane torch is not enough to grow plants. Your plants will not get the nutrients that they are looking for with only a propane torch light, and they will not survive or thrive. If the propane light is an actual light fixture, with a bulb, you might have better luck. First check the bulb to see if it is a grow light specific bulb. If it isn't, see if you can change the bulb to another type. If you can put a grow light into the light bulb socket on a propane light, you'll be able to grow plants from that light.

Types of Bulbs with Propane Lights

Recognize the various types of grow bulbs that are out there. That way, you can see if the propane light already has a grow bulb, and if it doesn't, you can see if you can find a grow bulb to fit in the bulb socket on the propane light. Know the various types of grow lights before you look for them. They include Metal Halide Bulbs, which give off bright summer sunlight, high pressure sodium bulbs, conversion bulbs, or LED growlights. These are the light bulbs that are specifically meant for growing plants and with which you will have the most success. Try other types of light bulbs if they will fit into your propane light fixture. Bulbs that have shown some success when growing plants include High Output Fluorescent, regular fluorescent, and compact florescent bulbs.

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