Care of Ficus Plant


Ficus trees are among the most popular office and home plants because they are easy to care for. Their requirements are few, and if given proper care (and a large enough pot). they will eventually outgrow the height of the ceiling.

Sunlight Requirements

Ficus trees do well in sunny locations and indirect sunlight. Indirect sunlight is light in the room that doesn't cast a shadow. Ficus do not do particularly well in dark locations.

Soil and Water Requirements

A basic houseplant soil is all you need for a ficus. As it gets larger, replace the soil when you re-pot and it will get all of the nutrients it requires. You do not need to fertilize a ficus so long as you re-pot it every year or so. Do not over-water your ficus, and make sure that it's roots don't remain wet. Use a pot with a bottom plate that allows the water to drain so that the roots don't stay wet.


Ficus are indigenous to hot areas, so don't be afraid that a warm room will be too much for it. It doesn't like cool or cold temperatures and will drop its leaves if the temperature is too cool. Once a year, take a damp paper towel and wipe the dust from the leaves. It is quite amazing how much dust collects on the leaves, which will eventually affect the plant's health.

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