Care of Aloe Houseplant


The most well known and common Aloe plant is Aloe vera. It is a great plant to have on hand for burns and cuts. Its leaves hold natural healing properties and soothes skin irritations and sunburns. You will find the care of Aloe houseplants simple if you keep in mind several factors.

Characteristics of the Aloe Plant

Aloe plants are native to the Mediterranean area and thrive in dry, hot and sunny weather. The aloe plant has thick arms and spongy leaves. Inside the leaves of the Aloe vera plant is a thick, sticky substance that is used in a lot of over-the-counter cosmetics, lotions, scrubs and skin treatments. It is known for its soothing properties and is used in a lot of after-sun lotions used to treat the skin after sun exposure. It in the same family as the onion and asparagus.

Indoor Growing

The Aloe vera plant is simple to grow indoors. In the home, Aloe vera plants should be kept in a dry, hot and sunny place. It will also thrive in partial shade. Choose a pot with holes in the bottom for drainage. Select potting soil that is well draining, particularly one that has a sandy composition. The key with indoor care of the Aloe vera plant is to keep the watering to a minimum. If you notice the leaves are getting mushy, you are watering it too much.

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