Christmas Flowering Plants

Decorate your home during the holiday season using Christmas plants. These delightful and colorful plants have the ability to begin their emergence around the holiday and give the space a bright and festive design.The showy foliage of a Christmas plant looks beautiful along a dining table as the centerpiece or arranged on a foyer table as a warm welcome to the home.


The amaryllis plant is a Christmas-blooming favorite.This vibrant beauty originated from the tropical regions of South America and is a long-lasting variety with a two- to three-week bloom time. Its large blooms are gorgeous and grow in a range of shades including red, orange, pink and white. There are also a few variegated varieties that have two colors swirled together for a stunning combination. Coupled with the bright colors and vigorous blooms, this makes for the perfect holiday bloom.

Christmas Cactus

Christmas cacti are stunning Christmas blooming flowers that typically bloom over the holidays but can also bloom throughout the year. The colorful blooms include shades of white, pink and red that appear on the end of the scalloped and segmented stem. To promote year-round blooming, place the cactus in cooler temperatures ranging from 50 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure the cactus is situated in a sunny and well-lit area of the home to promote hardy growth. However, too much direct sunlight can burn the leaves and create a limp texture so make sure the cactus does not receive too much sun.


Native to Mexico, the poinsettia is a Christmas-blooming plant that has showy foliage. The colors of the poinsettia include, red, white or salmon. The poinsettia is often called lobster or flame leaf flower because of the bright red leaves found on some poinsettia varieties. In the wild, the poinsettia is a perennial shrub that grows up to 10 feet tall. However, today the plant is commercially grown. To extend the longevity of the poinsettia, keep the plant in a cooler space of the home.

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