How to Make Chia Pet Seeds

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Salvia hispanica is the scientific name for the plant that produces Chia Pet seeds. Chia Pets are a novelty gift where seeds are sprinkled onto a clay sculpture, usually in the shape of a head. Water is sprinkled over the seeds, which sprout and produce "hair." These tiny seeds can be expensive to buy, so if you are willing to invest time in growing and harvesting them, you can make your own Chia Pet seeds.

Step 1

Plant Chia Pet seeds in your garden. They can be ordered through catalogs or the Internet. Transplants are also sometimes available and will allow you to make Chia Pet seeds sooner. Water regularly and keep the weeds away.

Step 2

Wait for the flowers to bloom and dry out before harvesting. They will turn brown and become brittle.

Step 3

Hold a bucket just below the seed heads. Use a flyswatter to hit the seed heads, which will release the seeds into the bucket.

Step 4

Place the contents of the bucket into a fine sieve. Cover the top and shake back and forth. This will remove any dried flowers or leaves that have fallen into the bucket.

Step 5

Store your seeds in a cool, dry location to help the seeds last for several years.

Tips and Warnings

  • The seeds are very tiny, so use a fine sieve.

Things You'll Need

  • Chia plant (Salvia hispanica)
  • Fly swatter
  • Bucket
  • Fine sieve


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