Endangered Plants of the Congo


The Republic of Congo is a Central African country with a population of 3.7 million. Congo is better known of its need to protect its endangered gorilla population, but Congo also has many endangered plants that need protection as urgently as the gorilla.

Dialium Excelsum

Dialium excelsum is a tree native to Congo where it can be found scattered in the Ituri Forest. Its main threats are mining, over-cutting for charcoal production and expansion of agricultural land.

Persimmon Tree

The persimmon tree is a close relative of the ebony tree. It grows to 30 feet high, bears female or male flowers and fuzzy, dark red-colored and seedy fruits.

Swartzia Fistuloides

Swartzia fistuloides is better known as dina, a tree with many uses in wood industry. Some of the common uses are boat building, furniture industry and musical instruments.

Autranella Congolensis

Autranella congolensis is a tree species better known as mukulungu. Mukulungu is used in boat building, building construction, flooring and furniture industry, among many other wood industry uses.

African Teak

African teak is a tree species found only in the driest parts of the semi-deciduous forests of Central and West Africa. African teak is used in boat building, joinery, flooring and decorative veneers. Even though African teak is an endangered species, it is more environmentally friendly to use it than other teaks.


  • Dialium Excelsum
  • African Persimmon Tree
  • Swartzia Fistuloides

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  • Autranella Congolensis
  • African Teak
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