Hybrid Tea Vs. Floribunda


Hybrid tea and floribunda roses each have characteristics that make them suitable for different applications in the garden.


Hybrid tea roses are human-made crosses. Floribundas are shrub roses, and their genetics are not as directly manipulated.


Hybrid tea roses grow three to six feet tall. Their leaves and blooms grow toward the top of the plant, leaving bare stems below. Floribundas are bushy and top out at three feet.


Hybrid teas have a single showy blossom, or a small group of them, on the end of each stem, and most varieties are fragrant. Floribundas produce clusters of single, semi-double, or fully double blossoms that cover the plant throughout the season. Both rose types are likely to be repeat bloomers.


Hybrid teas can work in a landscape, but are grown more for their flowers and fragrance. Floribundas are used in borders and beds or container gardens, and they may be grafted onto trunks to form rose trees.


Basic care is similar for hybrid teas and floribundas. Roses require frequent feeding to continue blooming. Maintenance includes some pruning, and deadheading to encourage reblooming.


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