Leatherleaf Fern Plant Description


Rumorha, also known as the leatherleaf fern, originates from South Africa. The leatherleaf fern prefers warm, humid climates and is often grown as ground-cover in U.S. hardiness zones 9 to 11. With proper care, it will also perform well as a houseplant.


The leatherleaf fern exhibits dense fronds of shiny, green, leathery leaves.


Outdoors, leatherleaf fern grows best in slightly acidic soil that drains well. If planting as a houseplant, use basic potting soil and place the plant in a pot with a hole in the bottom for drainage.

Water and Light

Water regularly with warm water to keep soil evenly moist and mist leaves. The leatherleaf fern prefers bright, indirect sunlight.


In the spring, fill a pan with two inches of water and place a brick in it. Take spores from underneath the fronds and place them on a moist layer of peat on top of the brick and cover. In a few months, moss will appear, followed by leaves.


Leatherleaf fern often attracts scales and mealybugs. Insecticides may be necessary to remove pests.


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