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Bamboo is a plant that will give your yard or garden a unique and exotic look. While bamboo is very common, there is often much confusion about what exactly bamboo is.


Bamboo is a grass that comes in two forms. Running bamboo grows exponentially, and is often considered very invasive. Clumping bamboo grows at a set rate of a few inches per year, and can grow to be 10 feet tall.


Running bamboo and clumping bamboo look very much the same, and the only real way to tell the difference is by the growth rate. Both types of bamboo are very tall grass when grown and have the same greenish yellow color. The greenish yellow hollow stalks grow from the root located under ground. (See Reference 1)


Bamboo is used to make a wide variety of products all over the world. In the home and garden, bamboo has only a few functions. Running bamboo is often used to create an exotic look. Clumping bamboo is good for hedges because it can grow in a specified area and can get very tall.


Running bamboo is often looked upon as a menace that is undesirable for the home or garden. According to Bamboo HQ, this is not the case as running bamboo can be controlled with a rhizome barrier.


There are many different plants that look like and are sold as bamboo. Many of these are not bamboo, and if you want authentic bamboo you should research thoroughly.


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