How to Identify Michigan Flowers


Michigan has a large variety of flowers that can be found near roads to inside forests to near lakes and river banks. The most common colors of flowers in Michigan are purple, pink and white. They add beauty while others also add fragrance.

Step 1

Take notice of wildflowers that grow in various places throughout the state of Michigan. The blue vervain can be found in damp thickets, by lakes and rivers and along the roadsides. They grow to about 3 millimeters wide and grow light purple flowers. The bull thistle also grows alongside roads as well as open fields. They grow to about 5 centimeters wide and also have light purple flowers. The anemone wood is found throughout woodlands that have moist or dry soils. They grow one white or pink flower from a stalk of up to 8 inches tall.

Step 2

Look for the state flower of Michigan. The apple blossom is considered the state flower since it is not only a native flower, but the state has one of the largest production in apples. The apple blossom has a honeysuckle scent, and its flower grows during spring. The flower is pink or white, and the plant grows fruit in the late summer.

Step 3

Search through forest and woodland areas of Michigan for flowers that grow during the summer and fruit that grows during the fall. Greenbriar has prickly stems with glossy green leaves. The flowers are also green and are in a spherical shape. Blueish black berries begin growing in October. Moonseed has round green leaves with flowers that are white. The fruit that grows in September is also blueish black.

Step 4

Recognize some of the tallest flowers in Michigan. The New England aster grows as tall as 3 feet with 5-inch long leaves. The flowers are purple or blue and bloom in late summer in moist to wet soils. The New England aster grows near water in Michigan. The yarrow is a yellow, white or pink flower that grows in forests and grasslands up to almost 2-feet tall.

Step 5

Look in southern Michigan for the blue-eyed grass flower. The flower is blue with a touch of purple. They grow in groups on long stems that resemble grass and grow up to 1-foot tall. They grow best in open fields and in damp soil.

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