How to Clean Black Walnut Stain From Hands


Wood stains are useful for enhancing the look of indoor and outdoor wood projects. They also provide necessary sealant to keep your wood in good condition for years to come. Black walnut stain is ideal for creating a dark, deep finish to any wooden project and can be purchased at virtually any local hardware store. Part of proper black walnut staining is adequate protection; The DIY Network recommends always wearing protective rubber gloves and safety glasses when you're working with wood stains. Unfortunately, even with protective gear, stain can sometimes get on your hands. Luckily, removing the stain is relatively easy with a few simple steps.

Step 1

Pour some vegetable oil directly on your palms. Other oils will also help remove the stain, but vegetable oil is recommended because it is readily available in most people's homes, and it is all-natural.

Step 2

Rub your hands together, working the oil over the entire surface of your hands.

Step 3

Take a paper towel and begin dabbing off the oil. Dabbing keeps the mess from spreading; if you rub the oil, you may accidentally smear some of the black walnut stain back into a clean area of your hand. Keep dabbing until you've sopped up most the oil and stain.

Step 4

Run your hands under water to wash off the remaining oil and stain. Use an outdoor hose, since it is possible for the washed-off stain to discolor your sink.

Step 5

Inspect your hands; if you still have a lot of stain on your skin, repeat Steps 1 through 4.

Step 6

Wash your hands with soap and water to remove any leftover oily residue after you're sure all the stain has been removed.

Tips and Warnings

  • Only use disposable paper towels for cleanup; the wood stain will discolor and ruin any cloth towels you use.

Things You'll Need

  • Vegetable oil
  • Paper towel
  • Outdoor garden hose
  • Soap
  • Water


  • Using Vegetable Oil to Remove Stain

Who Can Help

  • DIY Network: Staining
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