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Many of us have become interested in the old ways of making crafts. The ancients used skins of animals to cover floors then progressed to making rugs on looms. Loom rugs look professional, and the Navajo loom in particular is effective for creating large rugs. If you have a little ambition and a few hours, you can build a loom to create rugs that will last for years.

Gather Your Materials

Purchase four 9-foot long or slightly shorter pieces of 2x4 wood. You will need three dowels: one that is 4 feet long by 1 inch wide, and two that are 3 1/2 feet long by 1 inch wide. Purchase wood screws that are at least 2 1/2 inches long and a drill bit the same length, but slightly smaller in diameter than your screws. You also will need a scissors, knife, tape measure, and pencil. The last purchase is a clothesline, which generally comes in packages of at least 100 feet, according to Take the two straightest 2x4 wood, measure and cut each at 6-feet. Now cut another two 2x4 boards to 4-feet and do the same with the pieces of uncut board left also at 4 feet. You will still have two boards at about 1-inch long.

Preparing the Frame

Take two of your 6-foot wood and lay them next to each other at about four feet apart, and then take your two 4-foot wood and lay one perpendicular at the top and one at the bottom laying them on top of the 6-foot sideboards. Drill two openings into the two 4-foot pieces in the corners through to the long pieces, and fasten with your screws. Use one of your 4-foot pieces to lay on your long sidepieces and ensure it is parallel and 1 to 1 1/2 inches from your top crosspiece. Drill two holes in the short piece at each end into the two long pieces and fasten with the wood screws. Use your last piece of 4-foot board and place it about 4-inches from the bottom crosspiece. Use the wood screws to fasten.

Completing your Loom

Turn your loom onto the long side. Use one of your 3-foot wood pieces and line it up with the center of the loom at the bottom. Ensure the bottom of the wood is directly adjacent to the bottom of the loom. Drill three diamond-shaped holes in the wood to the side of the loom. Do the same with the other side. These are your legs for the loom. A large loom will work wonders for creating beautiful oriental rugs.

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