Safety Rules for a Table Saw


A table saw is a circular saw used for woodworking. The saw is mounted beneath a table or bench so the blade is partially raised up through an opening or slot in the table. A table saw cuts wood to square or shape it, miter corners or add grooves, among other things. It's a powerful tool and you should always observe safety rules when using a table saw.


Always read the manufacturer's manual before setting up your table saw. Familiarize yourself with all the parts of the saw and its operation before using the saw. Keep the manual in a nearby location so you can consult it should you have any issues. Do not operate the saw if any parts are missing or defective. Call the manufacturer with any questions you may have before operating the saw.


Do not wear gloves when using a table saw. Bare hands provide better grip power as well as a direct sense of the operation of the saw. Gloves can also get caught in the blade, leading to injury. Do not wear ties, bracelets, watches or necklaces when using a saw as the blade can catch these. Do wear safety goggles and earplugs when using a table saw, as well as a short-sleeved shirt and non-slip shoes.


Stand before the saw so you can feed the wood to the blade without losing balance. Your body should not be in line with the blade; stand to either the left or right of the saw blade. Avoid awkward stances that may result in your having to bend directly over the blade or lose your balance.


Keep your hands at least six inches from the blade at all times during use. Use a push stick to cut short lengths of lumber of six inches or less. Keep the rip fence parallel to the blade to avoid getting hit by any wood "kicked" by the blade. Do not reach behind the blade while the blade is moving; allow the wood to continue feeding through.


Keep the area around the table saw clean of sawdust, chips and cut-offs. Tripping or slipping around a table saw can result in serious injury. Always check that the table saw is unplugged before changing the blade or cleaning the table and around the table.

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