Crafts With Wood Stencils


Get creative with stencils and make your own gifts and home decor. Wood stencils are found in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs. Purchase them with animals, flowers, letters and numbers in any home improvement store or hardware shop. Use stencils made for wood with latex paint, oil based paint, and water based paint, acrylic paint or any paint that is safe for wood to create many different craft projects.

Picture Frames

Create patterned borders around plain wood picture frames. Use paint and wood stencils to add shapes and images like hearts, stars, animals or decorative accents. Use letter stencils to personalize picture frames with names, dates. You could also add quotes or short sayings to the frame using the letters.

Jewelry Boxes

Decorate the top of a jewelry box with a theme, image or even a poem. Personalize the jewelry box for a gift recipient by adding a stencil design that pertains to their hobbies. For example, a dancer might enjoy a jewelry bow decorated with ballet shoes or a tutu. Someone who enjoys gardening might prefer a box stenciled with delicate flowers or plants.


Design your furniture to match the room rather than changing the theme of the room to match the furniture. Add stenciled designs to wood furniture like shelves, tables, cabinets and stands. Decorate the front of a dresser to match the theme of the room. If your child's room is designed with teddy bears in mind, use wood stencils shaped like teddy bears to add the theme to plain colored furniture.

Wall Plaques

Create decorative wall plaques featuring flowers, animals or anything you like. Use stencils to paint the design on to a solid piece of wood with decorative colors. Paint phrases sayings or quotes like "Live, Laugh, Love" or "Always Kiss Me Goodnight" on to the front of a wood plaque and then decorate around the word with stenciled flowers, swirls or decorative accents.

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