How to Buy Woodworking Projects for Kids

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Woodworking provides hands-on education for kids that is both fun and rewarding. The measuring, counting and overall problem solving that woodworking projects entail provides kids with skills needed in a variety of school subjects and that can also be used in real world situations. Completing woodworking projects can be exciting and satisfying for children of all ages, but there are considerations to be made when deciding which woodworking project is right for your child.

Step 1

Consider the child's interests. Choosing a project that is relevant to children will provide more interest and excitement in completing the project. Children will be proud with anything they create, but an outer space fanatic who builds a rocket ship will have a deeper appreciation for his hard work.

Step 2

Choose an age appropriate project. Children are creative by nature and enjoy the satisfaction they get from creating and building something successfully. If the project is too difficult or complex, the end result will be a feeling of failure and frustration for both you and your child.

Step 3

Check out pre-packaged woodworking kits. These range from simple do-it-yourself birdhouses to larger, more complex furniture or model car kits. Prepackaged kits include all parts needed to complete the project, with the exception of tools and finishing materials, such as paint or stain.

Step 4

Use plans to create your project. Unlike prepackaged kits, all that is included are the written directions and diagrams needed to complete the project. All materials must be purchased, measured, cut, and assembled according to the plans.

Step 5

Create your own plans and design. If you are an experienced woodworker who will be working with older children, collaborating on an idea and developing original plans to follow is a more challenging option. Once the plans have been drawn and all materials have been purchased, the original plans can be followed to complete the project.

Tips and Warnings

  • Adult supervision is required during all woodworking projects until you are confident your child will not get hurt.


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