Wooden Ring Crafts

Some people with metal allergies may find it difficult to purchase nice jewelry. However, many bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings crafted from natural wood are skin safe. Even if you aren't allergic to metal, wearing a wooden ring can show your unique style or concern for the environment. Wooden rings are versatile and can also be used to make crafts such as napkin holders.

Wooden Finger Ring

Craft your own finger ring in minutes using a few materials and a few steps. Choose a small piece of wood with a nice or interesting grain, hole saw with a Forstner drill bit, drum sander, belt sander and lacquer. Measure the size of your finger to get the outer diameter of the ring and select a hole saw according to the measurements. Partially drill the outer hole using a drill press by not cutting all the way through the wood. Use a Forstner bit, slightly smaller than the ring finger, in the drill press to drill a hole in the center of the piece you have drilled partially. Place the hole saw back in the press, complete the outer hole of the ring and scoop the ring out of the hole saw. Finish the ring by using the drum sander to sand the inside until it is the correct size (a belt sander can be used to accomplish this). Sand the ring to get a smooth feel and finish it with a coat of lacquer.

Table Napkin Rings

Decorative napkin rings can dress up any dining room table and can be made in different wood materials. To make, use hardwood blanks (cherry, maple or walnut) 2 inches by 2 inches by 1.5 inches with a 1.5-inch hole, mandrels, keepers, protective face shield and dusk mask, sandpaper, walnut oil, parting tool and 1/4-inch or 3/8-inch spindle gouge. Remember that the outside diameter should be at least a 1/4 inches in diameter larger than the middle whole before beginning your cut. First, pick a hardwood blank to place on the mandrel. Use a high lathe speed round to a cylinder and begin roughing the blanks by making thin cuts through the grain using a spindle gouge. Reverse the blank and repeat. Sand the blank for a smooth finish, remove it from the mandrel and sand the insides of the hole. Finish the napkin ring with the walnut oil and allow the ring to dry.

Wooden Engagement Ring

If you enjoy earthy eclectic items, you may like the idea of having a wooden engagement ring. You may choose to use a real diamond or cubic zirconia to mount on the ring, along with the following material: sandpaper, drill, drill bits, file, saw attachment, a bit for scraping, polishing felt, epoxy glue and Dremel bits. Drill out a round hole according the diameter of the finger. Drill around the hole for the outer part of the ring leaving a rough outer edge. Take the saw and scrape off the excess wood around the outer area of the ring until it's your desired thickness and a rounded shape. Use the file and the drill bit to round and smooth the outer surface. Use the high speed cutter with Dremel bits to prepare the alcove for the diamond by making a small hole in the ring (hole should be slightly larger than the gem). Make a smaller hole within the gem hole for the tip of the diamond using the high speed cutter. Sand and smooth the ring lightly and polish it using polishing felt with the Dremel on high speed. With epoxy glue, set the gem into the alcove of the ring and allow it to dry.

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