Gun Stock Refinishing Supplies

Gun Stock Refinishing Supplies image by Wikimedia Commons
Gun Stock Refinishing Supplies image by Wikimedia Commons


Fine old guns should be beautiful objects, just like any other antique. However, because guns are often taken out into the field, they wind up with as many dings after a couple of decades as a mahogany desk will get in a century. Thankfully, restoring an old gun stock is similar to restoring wood furniture, and requires only a few tools and supplies.


Almost all guns have a butt plate held in place by screws, so a screwdriver is needed to remove it.

A very scratched and dented stock.

Stripping Supplies

Power sanding should never be done on a gun stock, as it removes too much wood. Instead, a drop cloth, chemical stripper, a medium-sized brush and a small brush are needed to remove the old finish.

Hot Iron

To get the worst of the dings and dents out, this job needs a damp washcloth and a regular laundry iron.


Sanding is done only to smooth the wood by hand. This requires a sanding block and a few sheets each of medium and fine grade sand paper.

Refinishing Supplies

To put the new finish on the gun, wood finish, set of brushes (from the stripping) and a wood lacquer are needed.

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  • Miniwax: Wood Finishing Supplies

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