How to Make a Wooden Stand for a 40-Gallon Fish Tank


A 40-gallon fish tank is a rather large tank size and the stands available in pet stores for these tanks have a rather large price. Making your own wooden stand for a 40-gallon fish tank will save you several dollars and ensure that you get a custom-built stand that meets your storage or design needs. Building your own aquarium stand should take you and an assistant less than a day to complete.

Step 1

Cut the boards and posts into the necessary measurements. Cut the wooden post pieces into four pieces that each measure 3 feet long. Then cut the 8-foot-long boards into four pieces that measure 3 feet, ½ inch long and five pieces that measure 1 foot, 3½ inches long. Use a tape measure to make the measurements and a miter saw to produce straight cuts.

Step 2

Set two 3-foot, ½-inch pieces up on an edge, parallel to one another, to assemble the bottom section. At each end of these pieces, attach one of the 1-foot, 3½-inch pieces with wood screws to create a rectangular frame.

Step 3

Set the four cut wooden post pieces into the inside corners of the frame assembled previously. Drive wood screws through the sides of the frame and into the post pieces to create the legs of the aquarium stand.

Step 4

Assemble a second rectangular frame in the same dimensions as the bottom section. After you screw the shorter wooden pieces to the ends of the 3-foot ½-inch pieces, slide a third short 1-foot 3½-inch piece into the middle of the rectangular frame and drive screws through the frame and into the ends of the third piece. Slide this second frame over the ends of the sticking-up leg pieces and attach to the leg pieces.

Step 5

Attach the plywood piece to the top of the tank stand to create a solid, flat surface for the 40-gallon fish tank to sit on. Drive screws down through the plywood and into the frame pieces on the top of the wooden stand.

Step 6

Measure and cut the panel board or paneling to fit on the front, back and both sides of the aquarium stand. Use a staple gun or small tacks to attach the panel board or paneling to the frame of the aquarium. Once assembled, paint or stain the stand as desired.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 4-by-4-inch-by-8-foot wooden posts
  • 3 2-by-4-inch-by-8-foot boards
  • Tape measure
  • Miter saw
  • Screw driver
  • 4-inch wood screws
  • 1-foot 3½-inch by 3-foot ½-inch plywood piece
  • Panel board or paneling
  • Tacks
  • Hammer
  • Staples
  • Staple gun
  • Paint or stain


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