What Is a Band Saw Used for?


A band saw is a saw that is used in woodworking and has a continuous, two-wheel-driven band. This saw runs in a continuous loop and has sharp, cutting teeth that are meant to rip boards. This type of saw is completely different than saws such as the reciprocating saw, which works in a back-and-forth motion.

Typical Uses

A band saw is best suited for cutting several boards at one time and ripping boards that are irregularly shaped or curved. This saw is also fitted for making mitered and angled cuts.

Stacked Cuts

The band saw is a perfect woodworking tool when you need to cut several boards exactly the same and wish to do so at one time. The boards must be perfectly stacked. If they are not lined up properly, it can result in the bottom boards in the stack to be completely deformed and miscut.

Curved Cuts

Band saws are also perfect for making curved cuts. Marking the curves correctly before beginning the cuts is extremely important.


The band saw has a narrow blade that is perfect for making small, delicate cuts and cuts that require curves. Keeping the blade tension and adjustment in alignment is an intricate part of using the band saw. Not taking care of it or aligning it properly can cause the blade can break.

Tips for Better Woodworking

Use the widest blade possible for the type of cuts that need to be made. Wider blades help reduce the possibility of blade breakage, and simply give better cuts.

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