Wood Shingle Crafts


Wooden shingles come in a variety of fancy cuts, creating many lovely, gingerbread shapes when overlapped. These same shapes can come in handy when making wood shingle crafts. Even plain, rectangular wood shingles can be used to create works of art. What you design is limited only by your imagination.

Wall Sculptures

Create original 3-Dimensional wall sculptures. Usually, you see these in metal, but there's no reason you cannot create a sculpture in wood. Choose among the fancy shingles for the right shape for your project. For instance, the round end works nicely for scales. With additional pieces of wood, such as plywood, you can create the shape of a fish head and tail. Then use the wood shingles to make the fish's body. Or, instead of a fish, create a dragon. Or let the ends be feathers instead of scales and create birds in flight. The round ends could also be used to create a cluster of grapes, using plywood to cut out a leaf and stem. Consider the possibilities.

Panel Art

A popular style of art is a single image painting done over a series of panels. Each panel has but a piece of the art; together the whole picture is seen. Use ordinary cut wood shingles for the panels. With the pieces side-by-side, draw on the image to be painted. Then paint each panel separately. These art panels can be hung as is, without a frame. A country-styled picture, something basic and rustic, would be perfect for shingle art panels.

Shingle Screen

Construct a heavy, zigzag screen out of a base wood such as plywood. Then cover the side of the screen with overlapped shingles. For this, the fancy cut ones, such as the diamond point or arrow, may be more appealing and decorative. The finished screen will be very heavy and if finished properly will endure outdoor weathering as well as shingles do. This craft can make a nice outdoor addition to a garden or as a screen blocking off something less appealing, such as a pool pump.

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