Ideas for Wooden Signs


A wooden sign adds character to any room or location. Craftsmen still make beautiful hand-carved signs. Lasers have revolutionized the craft, providing more details in designs. If you are thinking about getting a wooden sign for personal or business use, consider the way the sign is carved, the wood used and the finish to reflect exactly what you want to convey.


Two-dimensional signs are perfect for the entrance of a business, classroom or office door. This type of sign is perfect for commemorating special places and dedicating trees or landmarks with engraved lettering. Basic letters can be engraved with the letters painted or stained a different color than the rest of the sign, helping give the words depth, distinguishing it from the rest of the sign. You can also engrave logos or pictures. A talented craftsman can stencil the design on and use a wide variety of carving tools to achieve this or a laser can etch the wood with perfect precision.

Three-Dimensional Signs

Three-dimensional signs jump at you. A three-dimensional sign may have the wood around the letter carved out to frame the letters as they stand out of the sign. These are good for home address signs and office buildings. You can add carvings of medical symbols or legal justice symbols to business names. Display your child's name in wood letters that stand upright with no framing. You can hang this with a string through the letters or stand it on a shelf to add the finishing touches to a room.

Wood and Style

The wood you use and how you finish it affect the quality and style of your sign. Classic styles use solid, sturdy woods such as oak, maple and pine to carve wooden signs and use a deep color stain to finish the piece. Letters are often black paint or an enamel inlay. If classic isn't your style, use colors for the letters or the background to add personal flair to the sign. You may want to use color on certain words for emphasis. Personal signs can use a wide variety of color. Kids name signs can be painted with shapes and patterns. You can leave a sign unfinished for a less refined rugged look. Other wood types can offer a different look because of grain patterns and color. Koa and cherry are used for very high quality signs and usually have a rich gloss finish exuding elegance.

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