Difference Between Compound Miter & Table Saw


Table saws and compound miter saws can both be valuable power tools for woodworking, but each piece of equipment has its own strengths and limitations.


Wood is pushed toward the saw blade on table saws, while the blade is brought through the wood with compound miter saws.


On table saws, the blade protrudes above the surface of the table. On compound miter saws, the blade is suspended above the wood being cut.


The table saw is primarily used to rip or cut wood along the grain and for cross-cutting. Compound miter saws are only used for cross-cutting. The compound miter saw is used to produce cleaner cross-cuts, which are required when working with molding and picture framing.


Many of the cuts that can be made on the compound miter saw can also be made on the table saw. The table saw is considered a basic tool for the workshop. Compound miter saws are more suited for specialty work.


Wider boards need to be cut on the table saw, while the compound miter is limited by the travel of the blade.


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