How to Make a Wooden Toy Animal for Children


Handmade toys serve as a cost-effective way to stock your child's toy shelf. Especially in the case of young children, elaborate toys aren't always necessary, and a handmade toy can be a great keepsake for the child. Wooden toys can be very durable and live a longer life than the average plastic, store-bought toy.

Step 1

Find a template to create the shape of your wooden toy animal. Templates can be found and printed online to use as a guide for making your toy. Hand drawn shapes and animals are just as useful and acceptable a choice. Draw the shape you have chosen onto the wood so that you have lines to cut on.

Step 2

Cut out the shape you have drawn onto the wood with your saw. Try to follow the shape you drew as best as possible, but don't stress too much over the exactness of the shape. Slight deviations from your drawing can be compensated for later. If using a coping saw, place your wood piece on a secure table to make the process easier.

Step 3

Sand the edges of the cut out shape. You want all edges and parts of the animal to be rounded and smooth. Take time to make sure that the toy is as soft as possible which will help to eliminate any injury to the child when playing with the toy. Sand the entire toy numerous times to help smooth out all parts.

Step 4

Paint the toy to make it more interesting for the child to look at. You want to use non-toxic paint that is safe enough to be in a child's constant touch. Added design or a finish is up to your discretion. Be creative and make a toy that is unique to your child's likings.

Step 5

Give the child the completed toy. Once the toy has dried, it is safe for the child to play with. Check on the toy periodically, over weeks and months, to ensure that rough edges aren't coming up. You want to keep the wood in the best possible condition to eliminate injury for the child.

Tips and Warnings

  • Using a saw can be dangerous if you aren't careful or experienced with using saws. Use caution and do all saw work slowly to avoid injury to yourself.

Things You'll Need

  • Wood
  • Saw (Coping or Scroll)
  • Sandpaper
  • Paint (optional)
  • Finish (optional)


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