How to Make Antiqued Wood Signs

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Whether you need a sign for an antique shop or a candy store, the antique look brings back memories of the good old days. Antiqued wood signs can be made without a great deal of effort and can be used either indoors or out.

Making an Antiqued Wood Sign

Step 1

Cut your wood to the size desired for the sign. Round or bevel the corners if you want a softer, worn look.

Step 2

Paint your sign a background color, perhaps an ivory or pale yellow.

Step 3

Create a weathered look around the edges by using a wood-burning tool to scratch and darken the corners of the sign. Do this only in areas where no writing will appear.

Step 4

Spackle the sign by flicking a paintbrush at it with a small amount of paint on the bristles. The color should be slightly darker than the background color and much lighter than the wording. This is another way to age your sign.

Step 5

Paint or wood-burn the wording using the alphabet you've chosen. You might use a larger first letter and curve the rest of the wording as the illustration shows.

Step 6

Finish the sign with a wood preservative. This will protect it against insects, weather, and wear, both indoors and out. Hang the sign with wrought iron hardware.

Things You'll Need

  • Wood
  • Hooks to hang the sign
  • Paint and brush or wood-burning tool
  • Old alphabet styles
  • Wood preservative
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Photo by: Illustration by Karen Frisch

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