Christmas Wood Projects


Create a variety of Christmas wood projects that include decorative ornaments to hang on holiday trees, use as gift tags, enhance wood frames or to embellish table centerpieces. Children, adults and groups can spend an hour or two making these inexpensive, handcrafted treasures that are sure to please anyone.


Purchase unpainted wood cut-outs such as gingerbread men, Christmas trees, angels, stars, reindeer and round ornaments, available at arts and craft shops such as Factory Direct Crafts. Other materials can include assorted acrylic paint and brushes, gold cord, red satin ribbon, markers, hot glue gun and glue sticks, scissors, dimensional paint and embellishments such as beads or charms.

Wood Project Ideas

Paint both sides of each cut-out with an appropriate color of acrylic paint with a paint brush. Examples are painting the gingerbread men with brown paint, Christmas trees in green paint and round ornaments in red paint. Apply details with dimensional paint. With a hot glue gun add embellishments such as metallic and seed beads, lace strips and charms. Lastly, add a piece of cord or ribbon, also with hot glue. Use the painted and decorated wood cut-outs to enhance wood frames to display keepsake photographs from a holiday event. Hot glue a strip of holiday ribbon to the back of a decorated wood cut-out to use as a napkin ring. Write the name of the guest in the center of the cut-out that can be taken home as a souvenir.

A Few Tips

Paint four or five cut-outs at the same time, like a production line. Then add different details with dimensional paint, and then embellishments. Be sure to sign the back of the cut-out with a marker. Young children can add peel-and-stick -themed foam images available at craft shops. Shop for wood cut-outs when they are on clearance or on sale. Look for discount coupons, usually available in the Sunday paper or by signing up for email notices on craft shop websites.

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