How to Cut a Piano Hinge


Piano hinges are designed for strength along its entire length with the use of a continuous hinge that spreads out stress placed on the hinge. Piano and cedar chest manufacturers commonly use continuous hinges as the lids of these items are heavy, solid wood. Smaller continuous hinges are used on items such as jewelry boxes. Manufacturers make these hinges in standard 10-, 20- or 30-inch lengths. If you find yourself in need of a piano hinge 22 inches long, simply cut down a 30-inch hinge.

How To Custom Cut A Miniature Piano Hinge

Step 1

Purchase a hinge at a craft or model-making shop.

Step 2

Take a ruler and measure off the custom length the project requires on both flanges of the hinge. The flanges are the flat metal sections that have screw holes punched into them and where the screws pass through when attaching the hinge to the project.

Step 3

Take a tin snip and clip from the left outside flange in towards the hinge.

Step 4

Repeat Step 3 with the remaining flange. When you reach the hinge clip right through it.

How To Custom Cut A Standard Size Piano Hinge

Step 1

Lay out the hinge on a flat surface with the flanges of the hinge one on top of the other.

Step 2

Measure the length required for the project.

Step 3

Move the hinge to the edge of the work surface so the measure mark is just beyond the edge of the work top.

Step 4

Position the hinge so the flanges are facing you. Pick up the hacksaw and place the blade on the hinge slowly drawing it toward you to incise a groove.

Step 5

Push the hacksaw away from you to deepen the same groove. Start sawing in smooth, rhythmic strokes until the blade has passed through the hinge mechanism and all the way through the flanges.

Things You'll Need

  • Piano hinge
  • Fine-point marker
  • Ruler
  • Tin snips
  • Hacksaw


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