DIY Folding Changing Table


Building a folding changing table is a simple way to get the usefulness of a changing table without taking up all the space for one. Building a changing table on your own requires some minimal woodworking skills and some minimal sewing skills. With the right understanding and directions, most people can successfully complete this project within a day or two.

Cutting the Dry Wall and Building the Insert

In the beginning of your project it is essential that you have the changing pad you are going to use and measure it correctly. These measurements will provide you with the size you need to cut the dry wall and the size of the wall insert that needs to be built. The insert in the wall can serve both a functional purpose as a shelving system and, whether painted or wallpapered, a stylish function too. Remember if you are planning on using this fold out table for more than one baby, then you should use gender neutral colors. Make your measurements until you are comfortable to ensure a clean fit.

Installation Tips

When installing the insert, ensure that the insert is level before securing it with finishing nails that go directly into the studs. Using metal for the bottom of the changing box is optional; it can be replaced by wood. Using a chop saw can ensure that your 45 degree angles are exact, which is critical for the box to fit together securely. When using the table saw for your dado, remember to remove the guard before making any cuts and replacing the guard when you are finished making your cuts. And when gluing the box together make sure that the dado grooves line up before clamping the box together.

Finishing the Folding Changing Table

Use a piano hinge to install the changing table with frame to the wall, make sure to use the screws that came with the piano hinge. When putting the screws into the frame be sure to use a countersink bit to ensure that the screws fit flush. When adding the chain to the changing table, cut it after you have put the changing table into place and put in the hardware for the chain. Using a long bolt in the kitchen cabinet knob will keep the changing table from coming down unintentionally. Adding a cork board or a dry erase board will make the piece multifunctional for the parent.

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