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Back in 1932, Albert Dremel launched the Dremel Company, with his first invention, the electric razor. However, out of the 55 patents he owned, the one that gave him worldwide fame and fortune is the Dremel Rotary tool. Still based in Racine Wisconsin, the Dremel Company now has 17 million Dremel tools in use today. The Dremel Company is the world leader in rotary and oscillating tools, and offers over 150 different accessories and attachments covering every project imaginable.

Build a Wooden Derby Car

Dads have been building wooden derby cars with their sons for generations. Using a Dremel tool can cut the time in half. After cutting out the shape of the derby car, secure it in a Dremel D-Vise. Using a 801-carbide shaping wheel, shape the car to the desired racing form. Sand the car smooth using a 432-sanding band with 120-grit sanding ring. Paint and assemble the derby car for race day.

Install a New Piece of Baseboard

Creating a tight fit to a baseboard corner is tricky. Using the Dremal to cut the corner makes this woodworking project a cinch. Use a freshly sharpened pencil to outline the curve of the cut. Using a small scrap piece of baseboard for practice is best. Use a 542 carbide cutting/shaping wheel and cut the practice piece, until perfect. Then repeat on the real piece of baseboard and cut the perfect fit. To ensure against chipping or cracking the new baseboard when installing, use a Dremel 3/32-inch drill bit, and pre-drill the nail hole.

Refinish a Kitchen Chair

Kitchen chairs are the most used pieces of furniture in the home, and scratches crop up on a daily basis. Use a Dremel tool between meals to refinish the chairs. Sand the surface smooth with, Dremel 511 abrasive buffs. The brown buffs remove the scratches from the surface, while the black buffs will smooth and blend the area to a like new finish. It is wise to test different stains on the bottom of the seat. Apply the correct stain to the freshly sanding area and let dry. Once dry, spray with a finish seal and the chair will be like new.

Fix a Stripped Screw Head

Stripped screws can be frustrating, especially if the screw is only half way in the screw hole, and there is no way to unscrew it. A Dremel tool can fix this situation in less than 5-minutes. Use a Dremel cut-off wheel to cut a new screwdriver slot in the head of the screw. Be careful not to cut to deep or overheat the screw head.

Repairing Dings Vehicle Body Dings

The Dremel tool is great for small auto body repair. Use 1,000-grit sandpaper to feather around the edges of the ding. If need be, remove all paint down to the metal. Use the Dremel Flex-Shaft attachment with a Dremel 500 aluminum oxide abrasive wheel or a 428 carbon steel brush, if rust or loose paint is present. Use body putty to bring the freshly ground area level and smooth with the rest of the paint. When dry use a 407-drum sander with a 408-sanding drum to sand body putty smooth. Apply primer and paint to a finished look.

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