Turned Wood Shapes for Crafts


Wood turning is not only fun, but when mastered it can be a very relaxing experience. Over the last couple of decades, wood turning has come of age. As an art form, wood turning started back in the 1940s, and by the 1980s a new generation of wood turners came onto the scene thinking outside the box devising some of the most used techniques to create the shapes and crafts mentioned in this article.

Hardwood Crochet Hooks

Crocheting has been around for generations, however the crochet hooks were hand-carved. With the invention of the electric wood lathe, wood turners went outside the boundaries to create masterpieces. Tight-grained hardwoods like maple, yellowheart, cocobolo and ebony work best. The most common size crochet hook is 7½-inches long. The diameter of the crochet hook is determined by the needs of the person crocheting.

Cocobolo Nuts and Bolts

Wooden nuts and bolts work great for securing an all-natural piece of wood furniture. From custom woodworking benches in an elegant office, to the wooden bookshelves in a luxury home den, using custom-made wood turned nuts and bolts will make heads turn.

Cherry Wood Lidded boxes

Lidded boxes come in many shapes and sizes, with a variety of inlays and decorations. A lidded cherry wood box with an ebony finial joined to the lid with a small round tenon is one of a kind. Walnut and hickory are also great hardwoods for creating wood turned lidded boxes.

Wood Weed Pots

Turned from wood scraps, normally pitched for firewood, weed pots--also called dried flower vases--are standout wood turned crafts. Since the weed pots hold artificial or dried flowers, there is no need to apply finish or sealer to the inside to protect against water damage. Hickory or cedar work well for this type of turned woodcraft.

Nuts and Seed Pod Vases

As the art of wood turning evolved, so have the materials used to create wood projects with flair. Banksia seedpods and tagua nuts are popular for their appearance. The seedpods of the Australian banksias tree can grow 8 inches long and 3 inches in diameter. Their perforated surface makes them popular with lathe turners seeking a novel effect. Tagua nuts are also called vegetable ivory because of their pure white color. They are the seeds of a South American palm ideal for miniature turnings and simple decorations.

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