How to Cut a Slot in a Narrow Dowel With a Dremel


Dremel is the brand name of a power rotary tool used for cutting, grinding, polishing and drilling. The Dremel is popular for its ergonomic design -- you can hold it like a fat pencil for detailed woodworking -- and powerful motor in a compact size. Cutting a slot in a narrow dowel takes a matter of seconds with a Dremel tool and a table vise.

Step 1

Attach a cutting wheel bit to the Dremel tool drive shaft. Dremel makes cutting wheels in several different thicknesses, so choose the one best-suited for the desired slot size.

Step 2

Wrap the wooden dowel in a towel to prevent crushing or denting of the wood at the spot where it will be placed in the vise.

Step 3

Clamp the dowel in the vise.

Step 4

Make a mark on the dowel where you wish to cut the slot. Also mark how deep the slot should be.

Step 5

Start the Dremel tool and adjust the motor speed to medium. The on/off switch is built into the motor speed control.

Step 6

Place the cutting wheel perpendicular to the dowel to cut a slot at 90 degrees to the wood.

Step 7

Touch the grinding wheel to the dowel and gently apply pressure to cut a slot to the desired depth. Work slowly; it takes only seconds to make a deep groove in a piece of wood with a Dremel tool.

Things You'll Need

  • Dremel tool with assorted cutting wheel bits
  • Wooden dowel
  • Vise bolted to a workbench
  • Safety goggles
  • Old towel
  • Pencil


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  • Dremel woodworking projects and tips
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