How to Design Your Own Pipe


Pipe smoking and collecting pipes have been popular for centuries. For the serious pipe smoker, the design of his smoking pipe is as important as the quality of the tobacco he puts in it. There are many materials a pipe maker can use to craft a pipe and many designs he can use to give his pipes visual impact as well. Designing your own pipe isn't difficult to do if you have a creative imagination and a basic knowledge of how a pipe works.

Step 1

Think about your design. You may want a simple pipe with a design that relies on unique shape rather than any kind of thematic carved design. You might want the bowl of the pipe to be a face. The look of your pipe will be a determining factor in the materials you will need to include in your design. Think about the stem. You need to determine if your stem is going to be straight or curved.

Step 2

Determine the materials you will need for your pipe. You might want to make a briar pipe. Another popular pipe material is meerchaum--a soft, white, easy-to-carve material. Decide whether you will use a plastic stem you can purchase from a pipe shop or if your design will require the pipe maker to carve the stem as well as the bowl of the pipe.

Step 3

Write the details of your design in a notebook. Since you are the one making the design, it will be up to you to write down the bowl size specifications based on the size determination you make. You will also need to write the stem dimensions down based on your design. Include a list of the materials you will need, including the type of wood your pipe design will use. Include a rough sketch of what your finished pipe will look like.

Things You'll Need

  • Pencil
  • Notebook


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