Gift Projects Made Out of Wood


Projects made out of wood make economical gifts for your friends and family. Make your gift projects out of scrap pieces of wood you have at home, or purchase inexpensive scrap lumber from your local home-improvement store. Create wooden bookends, candleholders and key holders to give as gifts for the holidays or other special occasions.

Wooden Bookends

Make a set of wood bookends with scrap pieces of block wood. Wood bookends are gift projects that kids can create on their own or with the help of parents to give to family members or friends. Use scrap pieces of 4x4 post material for your bookends. Sand any rough edges of the wood. Decorate your wood bookends with paint or stain, or consider adding stenciled designs to give them more of a personalized touch. Add fabric to your wood bookends for an interesting touch. Wrap the wood block in fabric and attach with craft glue. Embellish your wood bookends with ribbon, wood cutouts or adhesive foam shapes for even more flair.

Wood Candleholders

Use any piece of scrap wood to create an interesting candleholder to give as a gift. Make a wood candleholder from a scrap 4x4 post by selecting a hole bit for your power drill that's the diameter of the candle base. Drill a hole into the lumber deep enough for the candle to fit securely; finish the wood base for the candle by applying a layer of paint or stain. Make a wood candle centerpiece by using a 2x4 piece of scrap wood and drilling several small holes the diameter and depth of tealight candles. Finish the wood by sanding rough edges and applying paint or stain; arrange tealights into the holes. Add finishing touches to your wood candleholders by using a router bit to smooth over the corners of the wood, or leave the wood rough for a more rustic look.

Wood Key Holders

Turn a scrap 2x4 piece of wood into a key holder to give as a gift. Use stencils to design the wood with the name of the gift recipient, or paint designs onto the wood using stencils or rubber stamps. Finish the wood with a clear varnish to protect the paint, and use metal screw-in hooks across the bottom of the wood for hanging keys or other items. Attach wall-mounting hardware to the back of the wood board for easy hanging.

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