3D Wood Crafts


Making 3D (three dimensional) wood crafts is an art form that requires skill and patience. The art of 3D wood crafting goes back for many centuries. Early 3D wood crafts were fashioned with primitive tools. Today's power cutting tools make it easy to bring 3D images to life from blocks of wood. Wooden 3D crafts make excellent gifts. A skilled wood crafter can make a good living with 3D crafts, selling them at craft fairs and online. Use these ideas and tips to carve your own 3D wooden images for pleasure or for profit.

Woodcarving Tools and Supplies

Set up a workshop if possible. The size of the workshop depends upon how much space you have available, and the tools you stock the workshop with will depend upon your finances. Carving 3D wood crafts doesn't require more than a chisel and hammer if that's all you can afford, but power carving tools are quicker and tend to allow for more precise carvings. A good supply of paints and stains can be useful as well. You might even want to keep a variety of wood on hand, for those times when inspiration for a new projects strikes.

3D Wood Project Ideas

A 3D carving is technically a carving that is created on three planes--X, Y and Z. In woodworking, bas-relief is also considered three-dimensional as well, although one side of the carving is flat. Bas-relief (carving an image that rises from the background of a block of wood) carvings are ideal for decorative wall hangings. You can also carve statues and embellish furniture with 3D ornamental images. Signs for a business featuring raised letters and logos can be a profitable venture as well.

3D Woodcarving Methods

One of the handiest tools for carving 3D projects small to medium in size is the power carver. Power carvers often have several attachments that include carving, sanding and engraving tools. Chain saws can be used for larger outdoor carvings such as carving three-dimensional images from tree stumps or logs. Rougher three-dimensional carvings can be fashioned with a hammer and chisel, which gives the final carving a primitive look that many collectors find appealing. A wood lathe can be expensive. You can use simple carving knives when you create smaller wooden figurines. A wood lathe can be expensive but a good way to fashion cylindrical items like candlesticks or chair legs. Wood lathes spin blocks of wood so the wood carver can evenly shape the circumference of an object.

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