Homemade Yard Art


Home made yard art is a way for homeowners to express their personalities and creativity. Mass-produced, commercially-available yard art lacks the individuality and passion that a homemade piece conveys. Yard art is made of anything the homeowner wants to use: metal, stone, cement, wood, and anything else that comes to mind.

Metal Sculptures

Metal yard art is created by home owners with a knack for bending and welding metal. Use scrap metal, cable, nuts, and bolts to create objects for the yard or garden. Robots, people, and bugs are popular metal creations. Use acrylic paints if you want to add color.

Wooden Yard Art

Yard art made of wood is the most traditional form of yard art. It is usually made of plywood, and usually in "country" themes, such as cows, birds, cowboys, and flowers. They are usually placed in the yard with wooden stakes. Wooden yard art can be made in the span of an afternoon, with a scroll saw and several colors of paint.

Stone Yard Art

Stones are used to create yard art that ranges from simple to elaborate. Stone sculptures are created with hammers and chisels. Shapes are limited only by the artist's imagination. Other stone yard art uses the shape of the stone to dictate what the piece will be. Paint the stone to reflect what its natural shape resembles.

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